50% of token supply burned.

50% of tokens were burned immediately after listing, there was also a buy limit and other anti-bot mechanisms implemented on Uniswap to ensure fair distribution of tokens.

Approximately 71% of tokens burned currently.

After additional buybacks from the 25% tax built into the token on buys and sells, a total of 71% of the total supply has been burned, leaving only 29% of the supply remaining.


ForeverUp was built as a meme experiment with a 25% burn on buys and a 25% tax on sells used for buybacks / marketing / development. The goal of this experiment is to see if it is possible to reach 1 billion market capitalization with these unique tokenomics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ForeverUp?

ForeverUp is a decentralized meme experiment that has a 25% burn on buys and a 25% tax on sells which are then used to perform buybacks / marketing / development.

What is the goal of the token?

The goal of the token is to try to reach 1 billion market capitalization

Where can I get ForeverUp?

The Uniswap link is here: Uniswap.
The contract address is: 0x81afa8aca19d5693883b0b1e10ae1ccaf2f42781.

What are the tokenomics?

1,000,000,000,000 ForeverUp were created.
50 percent were burned shortly after listing to a dead address.
10 percent team wallet
25 percent burn on buys to reduce supply
20 percent tax on sells for buybacks (15%) / marketing (2.5%) / development (2.5%) plus a 5 percent burn on sells to reduce supply